I've been going to see Ashley for the

  past three years. I had never had a

 massage before but would pay for my wife to

 have one every year. I didn't know much

 about massage before then and was a little

 anxious but Ashley was very friendly and

 professional and explained to me the process

 and techniques she uses.

     Since then I have been going to see her

 at least once a month. She has been a

 godsend to work on me each time as I walk

 out feeling relaxed and refreshed. I highly

 recommend Ashley and can guarantee no one will walk away disappointed!

-Cory Walker

     Ashley Brown is the most intuitive

 massage therapist I have ever experienced

 she always knows *exactly* where my body

 is needing the most attention without me

 having to say a word. Because of this I am

 able to relax much more during her sessions

 than with someone else to whom I would feel

 the need to explain the trouble. Ashley is

 absolutely fantastic.

-Jordana Van

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